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The Office

Gabriele Viduli, born in Trieste on 17th January 1967, owner of the professional firm, has been practising as a chartered accountant and auditor since 1993, having gained study and working experience in the typical fields of activity of the profession since 1986.

The professional firm is situated in Trieste, Viale Venti Settembre, no. 3, housed in the prestigious historic palazzo overlooking Largo Don Bonifacio square, central location of the city and regional capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Registered with the Association of Chartered Accountants of Trieste, as well as with the Association of Auditors, he has been carrying out the profession, focusing his activity mainly on the development of the sectors of business, administrative, tax and corporate, and contract management consultancy and of extraordinary corporate transactions. Preferred fields of activity – for which companies and institutions are provided with complete support – are the industry sector, the industry-related service sector, the trade, building and transport sector, the tourist accommodation sector, as well as healthcare businesses and institutions sector, also embracing within the professional environment consultancy to freelancers.

Specialist in areas connected to corporate consultancy, for years he has been providing advice to primary companies at the national level and foreign corporate groups, operating on the transport, maritime and shipping sectors. Expert on direct taxes, VAT and customs legislation linked to international relations and EU and non-EU trade, also with reference to customs zones, free-trade zones and customs warehousing. Within the professional environment, he regularly performs assignments regarding company restructuring and extraordinary corporate transactions, contract management, corporate group planning and he employs all the tools for financial statements analysis and company economic financial plan creation.


He is Technical Consultant for the Judge of the Court of Trieste as an expert on appraisal and evaluative reports on companies, corporate finance and company groups.


Auditor registered with Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), he also works as external and statutory auditor for companies under such obligation, he provides advice and consultancy on tax litigation as well.


Partner and director of Gestioni & Servizi Impresa Srl, company founded in 2014 and connected to the professional firm. The company provides clients with accounting services, administrative, contractual, company development advice and consultancy in the fields of acquisitions and real estate management.

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