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Aree di intervento

Business and contract consultancy

Consultancy in the field of company law, company formations, acquisitions, extraordinary transactions such as mergers, demergers, transformations, intergenerational transfers and advice on the drawing up of contracts.

Advice on the process of acquisition and transfer of building complexes, check of the related taxation, tackling the issues connected with their carrying out.

Legal audit of accounts

The professional firm Studio Viduli and its chartered accountants provide the service of Statutory Auditor and External Auditor for institutions and companies.

Financial Statements and bookkeeping

Consultancy and advice on the preparation of civil and consolidated financial statements, definition of criteria for the drawing up in compliance with the accounting principles, evaluation and presentation of the items, and the accounting classification of specific operations.

Business consultancy

Advice on the establishment and development of systems of control and of business, economic, organisation and financial management. Drafting business budgets and business plans with tax planning framework. 

Evaluation of business complexes, evaluation of companies and corporate participations.

Tax and fiscal consultancy

Consultancy and advice on the management of the relationship with the Tax Authority regarding direct and indirect taxes, tax litigation, types of settlements of the assessments arising from tax remarks and notifications.

The preparation, drawing up and filing of tax returns and fiscal notices with the liquidation of the related taxes.

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